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The Philosophy


The philosophy is simple, music should be fun. Music is a source of inspiration and when you decide to learn an instrument, it's because you want to have a direct hand in that inspiration. Whatever reason you decide to pick up a guitar, our goal is to make it the most enjoyable experience possible.

The Technique


Learning an instrument is about discipline. You need to be able to commit yourself and learn from your mistakes. This isn't something that comes naturally for a lot of people, but that's okay. With a good mentor and a good attitude, you'll find yourself learning guitar by practicing as little as only 10 minutes a day.

The Results

Students who work with us have a tendency to stick around for a long time (sometimes upwards of 5 years). This is because they know they're getting quality lessons from a great and inspiring guitar teacher. If you're unsure, take advantage of our FREE first lesson by contacting us today!

 Alex Bennett 
About Alex


My name is Alex Bennett. I've been playing music since I was 7 years old and I've been teaching for over 6 years. There's no doubt that I've been passionate about music since a very young age. That passion and inspiration is something I love passing on to others which is why I spend time teaching. I'm a huge fan of Rock whether it's classic, alternative, 80's, or modern. I've played in bands ranging from metal to blues, jazz to pop, country to christian, or even progressive music. I also have a songwriting degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston. There's always something to learn and I hope to have the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with you.

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